Work Instruction Software

The modern way of visual 3D work instructions. Use Dyvixion to create and view all kind of assembly instructions, work instructions and service procedures. Even directly on the HMI.

Crank up machine productivity. (OEE) Let operators perform better using real-time visual 3D event detection and available solutions / instructions. Available as HMI plug-in or stand-alone.

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Work instruction User interface

Digitize instructions visual

Simple. Modular. Flexible. Create next level procedures, manuals and complete Step-by-Step documentation in 3D with animation support. Extremely fast!


Each step stores the model state

- Camera position
- Visibility / highlights of parts (example on the left)
- Part positions / rotations
- Icons as warning signs or tools
- Description with additional referral links

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Digital instruction software

Efficient sales, consistent mechanical assembly and servicing compliance. The modern way for 3D configurations, documentation and manuals.

Crank up productivity. (OEE) Let machine operators perform better using a digital twin with real-time event detection and available solutions / manuals.

Digitize instructions visual

Simple. Modular. Flexible. Create next level procedures, manuals and all Step-by-Step documentation in 3D. With animation support. Extremely fast!

Digital Work Instructions for Manufacturing

must have the following benefits


The most important part of any work instruction software is that it must be crystal clear. No discussion. This clarity can be achieved with nothing better than a real-time updating 3D viewport.  Combined with step-based visual marks it gives the ultimate experience and will significantly reduce the need of text.


What if we have no traditional instruction manuals? But instead, more short interactive step-by-step lists that can be used for specific parts of the task? It will result in a modular structure of instructions. If there is an update or a change, only that specific short instruction list needs an update. How easy is that?


Using a modular work instruction structure is extremely flexible. The short step-based instruction lists can be created by many different experts who are excellent at doing their own thing. Duplicate, insert, or change a step order inside the step lists. Simultaneous teamwork has never been so easy.


It’s essential to store the digital instructions in a safe location. The 3d models in the library are stored in a secret, centralized location which can easily accessed inside the Dyvixion products. The models can be locally loaded into the machines, so they can always be accessed, even if there is no network connection.


By using central and modular step lists, expansion is infinite. Create (dis)assembly instructions, error solving solutions, checklists, and trainings once, and employ them on an infinite number of machines, configurations, and stand alone versions. Work smarter, not harder.

Create 3D Assembly Instructions Fast and Easy from CAD Models

Instruction software for other puposes

Work instruction computer and laptop comparison

Simple 3D Viewer

The Creator is part of the product Dyvixion | Core.
It is used by creators to add or update:
- Steps and step-lists
- Events (when connected with a machine / system)

The Viewer is used by end-users such as:
- Sales representatives - presentations
- Technicians - service / maintenance
- Assembly workers - units / modules
- Machine operators - HMI Plug-in
- Trainees - e-learning

💡 The viewer is included in every product

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3D instructions for manufacturing use cases

Interactive manuals

Dyvixion is the perfect tool to create modern work instructions and manuals for the smart industry. Visual communication based on the original 3D CAD models and the possibility to add a description. Also tools and symbols can be added to a specific step from the built-in library. Superfast. Just like a traditional manual, but in a full interactive 3D environment.

This digitalization gives the ability to add or change things over time. And it' s all stored safely in one DCS (Digital Central Source).

The Gripper shown here is intellectual property from Tembo Group. It's part of a rotary assembly head. The complete rotary head is available in our Dyvixion 3D-demo application to demonstrate how easy manuals can be created and how clear it is for mechanics to work with these visual 3D instructions

Software Demo

Training courses

Light up a section, add text or link to a .pdf file.

Or give a basic overview of the system.

full 3D Demo


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How will you use the instruction software?

Visual work instruction Core package
Create any possible configurations with the modules in the library. Quickly snap modules together with the built-in snap points, and create advanced interactive step by step lists to solve various problems. Link these step lists to various events, which can be triggered by machine errors / warnings!
CreateVisual work instruction Step package
View the created step lists in the viewer! Walk through any step list, whether it'd be a procedure, installation instructions, or assembly instruction. Navigate around the configuration through rotating, panning, or zooming, and view every step from any angle!
viewVisual work instruction System package
Integrate Dyvixion into your machine's HMI! Let your machine communicate with Dyvxion for optimal machine performance. Visually detect and solve machine errors and warnings while decreasing the machine's downtime. The right solution for operators with various levels of experience.