About us

Dyvixion stands for Dynamic Visual Instructions and is a software company that specializes in developing 3D work instruction software. It helps companies to realize their digital transformation. Most of traditional digitalization is in 2d, but why do we not in 3D if we already draw in 3D CAD for many years? With Dyvixion the existing 3D CAD models are the source for digital 3D work instructions.

The software is divided in 4 individual products, but they can act as one:
- Builder: 3D configurator to configure modular production lines.
- Core: create step-by-step work instructions in 3D
- Viewer: View all work instructions in a simple viewer
- System: Visualize events on real machines in real-time 3D and load the linked instruction list to let the operator solve the problem. Value is added to the machine, because all technical knowledge is stored in the machine itself: operator instructions, but also cleaning procedures or maintenance instructions.

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strategic plan


The mission of Dyvixion is to provide its customers with tools that enable them to easily create, view, and share 3D technical work instructions.

More specific, the mission is to:

- Simplify the creation and viewing of 3D technical instructions: Dyvixion provides software products that enable users to create and view instructions, but also events (as a sensor detects something in the real world) and simulate that event in an interactive 3D model. Link an instruction list which contain animated assembly instructions, and other technical information.

- Improve communication and collaboration: Dyvixion allows users to easily share 3D instruction and information with colleagues, operators and customers.

- Increase productivity and efficiency: By streamlining the process of creating and viewing 3D work instructions, Dyvixion's software helps companies to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and are the backbone for more consistence results.

In summary, the mission of Dyvixion is to help its customers turn their CAD models into 3D work instructions to improve communication, productivity, and to add value to machines by store the operator knowledge inside the machine. This solved a massive problem: qualified machine operators and fits seamlessly into the industry 4.0 digitalization philosophy.


The vision of Dyvixion is to become a global leader in providing clear, and easy to create, 3D work instructions and viewing solutions to digitize all step-by-step work procedures.

More specific, the vision is to:

- Simplifying complex 3D visual instruction technology for the user: Dyvixion is committed to staying at the forefront of modern 3D visualization technology. Dyvixion is continuously innovating and improving its software solutions to meet the evolving needs from the market.

- Enabling the digital transformation of industry 4.0: Dyvixion believes that the widespread adoption of digital technologies is transforming the way companies do business, and that its software solutions can help customers navigate this transformation by enabling them to create and view 3D technical instructions in new and innovative ways.

- Empowering customers: Cortona 3D is dedicated to empowering its customers by providing them with the tools they need to configure modular production lines followed by create, view and share the 3D work instructions in a way that is efficient, effective, and engaging.

Concluding and summarizing, the vision of Dyvixion is to be an important provider of advanced 3D instruction software, and thus gives practical feasibility to the wish of industry 4.0 for the digitization of technical work instructions based on existing 3D CAD models.