Interactive 3D instruction viewer

Dyvixion View

This is the version for end-users, such as service mechanics and people on the factory floor. People that are working lean on sub-sections of a machine, or a mechanic that will do an installation (checklist) procedure before starting up the first run.

Dyvixion View only has 3 buttons. 1. Next step; 2. Play animation; 3. Previous step. The user is free to rotate, zoom and pan the model while going through the step list instructions. The camera turns automatically to the predefined position. (Created with Dyvixion | Core) This combination of free viewing and controlled viewing has the best of both: maximum control from the supervisor and the flexibility for the mechanic to view from any angle.

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Walk through step lists quick and easy. Clearly see the entire list and order of the steps. With the manual you can:

- Load step lists
- Go through lists in a structured order
- Prevent operator errors due to lack of correct knowledge

Innovative step list | Easily navigate through steps
Advanced training methods | Train employees on a digital twin


Train new employees, by randomizing the order of the step lists (Predefined in the Dyvixion | Core). Let them drag the steps in the right order, and check if they got it right. Use the training:

- As a stand alone on a PC or laptop
- As refreshing courses
- Based on a digital twin
- To walk through step lists

Dyvixion view

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